Mediador GM7

Urban Office |
Inhouse render by VirtualPolygon

Euralis Headquarters

LCR Architects |
Inhouse render by VirtualPolygon

Justice Palace

Juan S. Madaleno |
Inhouse render by VirtualPolygon




Mediador GM7


De Lemos


Palacio de Justicia


MAM Museum


Passage de melun


Bruce Bollin



What is virtualPolygon

We work under one rule: always learn something new and do what we really love.

Passion for create and help to build new ways to communicate is what moves us to work every day. We think that new technologies combined with strong basic skills are the key to fulfill every challenge we face nowadays.

To create the best images we simply let the client and the project speak for themselves, the magic of a story is already present, we only push it forward through light, colors, shapes, balance, and a particular touch.

About us

We are located in Madrid, Spain. After more than 10 years working for many companies in architectural visualization and advertising, we decide to take a leap to the virtual adventure.

With a background in art, architecture and computing we know and use different workflows that allow us flexibility and adaptability when facing any project, no matter as big or complex that may be, it will never be free to be “visualized”.

Our engines feed from passion for what we do, and our greater ambition is that every piece of work shines as unique and fascinating as can be. And we use the best tools, software and hardware available today.

In Virtual Polygon we believe that each project is as unique as the style of its creator by itself, so we put special effort in enhance those attributes through a coherent graphic language with unique treatments as well, in the goal to bring out their full potential.

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Phone: +34 640 32 32 09