Material matcher – 3dsmax script

Hello again!, this time we are pleased to give a very useful tool to the 3ds max users comunity. We have call it “Material matcher” and is intended to be used in a production environment where you have to repeat some actions very often.

A short description for the tool could be: that you will never have to open again the material editor to grab and transfer a material from one object to another or a group of them.

Also you can automatically grab and add the UVW mapping modifier listed on the father object and add it to single or multiple targets as instance. We have added a function to grab the wire color from objects or manually change it. Also the layer from an object can be matched with our tool.

Here you can see the change Log for the script.

If you have any question or suggestion please leave a comment below, we love to hear about our products and tools!. We will be implementing more utilities to it soon.

Hope you like it, Enjoy rendering!

UI description and short help

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